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Education Representatives in France

Many universities and language schools use their local representatives or agencies to help students find out more about their courses and application process. These agencies in France can help you decide where and how to study abroad.

There aren't any representatives here yet.

Students from France Review Their Courses

مذهلة! (95)

Really good classes and teachers, I learnt a lot during my time here. I met lots of people from different countries and I enjoyed my expe...

تم مراجعتها في أغسطس 31, 2018
جيد (82)

Excellent teaching for adults and easy access to school, not the same for children!

تم مراجعتها في يوليو 25, 2018
جيد (86)

Land Economy is a great course for those who want a multi-disciplinary education - it combines Economics, Law, and some environmental and...

تم مراجعتها في نوفمبر 21, 2013
موافق (50)

everything was good,except my too short stay(one week)but that's better that nothing,isn't it?I specially was enjoyed with teachers I fou...

تم مراجعتها في يوليو 25, 2017

Upcoming Events in France

Universities visit cities around the world to meet students interested in studying abroad. These events are a great way to learn more and have your questions answered. اكتشف متى تُقبل عليك الجامعات!

There aren't any events here yet.
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Language Schools

There aren't any language schools here yet.