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Just a little review - Manchester Academy of English

A detailed review of one of our well respected language school partners, by guest author, student Ronald Costa

As someone who had only studied English in his own country, having been 

offered the opportunity to come to the UK was like a dream come true. And 

even though I had no idea what to expect I was still very excited, and now that 

I’m leaving I can honestly say that I’m more than satisfied with my experience.

Now, by using a part of what I learned while being here, I’m going to share 

some of it with you.

The Manchester skyline © Robert Watson Studio


As soon as I got out of the airport terminal in Manchester, my interaction with 

the school began. There, waiting for me, was the man in charge of student 

transfers, Roy. Since I came with some of my friends he had a few stops to 

make before I got to my homestay. 

Getting there I was received by a wonderful couple that had a few students 

already. We got along really well, and some of the other students that were 

living there are still my friends, but after a few weeks I had to move to another 

homestay for health reasons, which was no problem since the school staff is 

already used to making transfers for students who need it and really pay 

attention to their needs. 

So then I got to my second homestay which was just as good, if not better, 

than the other one. With this one I felt like I was back home, just with a 

different language and sometimes type of food, which eventually you get used 


I tip my hat off to the accommodation department, which does a really good 

job, and if there’s any trouble, they try their best to solve it as quick as 



Before starting classes I felt like there wasn’t that much more for me to 

improve since I’ve been at it for quite a long time, and was already at the 

advanced level, but of course I was soon proven wrong. Coming here kind of 

made me believe that there is, and there will always be, room for 

improvement in my language development. Right now I feel like I’m in a whole 

new level compared to when I first arrived, but of course, I can always get 


I’ve had quite a few teachers since my arrival in July, and I have no 

complaints. Each of them has a different approach to classes, which is very 

interesting since this approach changes, depending on the needs of the 

students in the class. The thing I would say that improved the most after five 

months of studying is my vocabulary, academic writing and coherence. All of 

which were aspects that I found to be very important for someone who’s going 

to be studying full time in English like me.

Something else that is also very useful are the Exam Preparation Classes. 

They might seem pointless for someone who has no intention of doing an 

English exam but they can actually help improve your English to a great 

extent. I think this is because the classes tackle grammar and other aspects 

of the language in a more focused way, if that makes any sense. Still, the 

General English lessons are also very helpful and enjoyable.

The City

Manchester is the city. The city is Manchester. No matter how you put it, the 

city is big, crowded, but nonetheless, amazing (and I would write that with a 

capital A if my autocorrect didn’t change it every time). In all seriousness, the 

location can have a big impact on a student’s motivation, so I think 

Manchester is a great place to study in, if you don’t mind changeable weather.

The Etihad Stadium © Manchester City Football Club

Football and Music, are two words that describe some of the best things to do 

while you’re here. Tickets for football matches can be found at the actual 

school for £45 each, but pick your games wisely and ahead of time.

There are also museums, art galleries, restaurants, clubs, student residences, 

house parties, and more. Basically, entertainment is not a problem, there’s 

something for everyone.

School Events

To make the most out of the location, not just the city, but also the country as 

a whole, the school organises different events during the week. At first you 

might want to start with something simple like the conversation club, every 

Monday after the afternoon classes, and every Friday after the morning 

classes. It’s a good way of meeting your fellow classmates, make new friends 

and talk about the rest of the events of the week, if you’re of age, maybe even 

have a drink or two (recommended, don’t be shy).

Besides Conversation Club, there are movie nights (afternoons), visits to 

other cities, like York, Blackpool and Liverpool. And every once in a while, a 

party at one of the best clubs you can find; Tiger Tiger. And if that’s not your 

cup of tea you can always stay in and have a nice nightcap.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are also academic clubs, like the 

Grammar Club, IELTS Club, etc. For people who feel the need or enjoy 

having extra lessons.

Outside of School

When it comes to entertainment, relying on the school is fine, but I would say 

that sometimes going out on your own or with friends and exploring is an 

amazing experience. From China Town, to Oxford Road where you can find 

most of the universities, there is always something new to explore and this 

compliments what the school offers in a nice way. 

Manchester has the third largest China Town in Europe © Retaj Almuhanna

I personally enjoyed going to different pubs, bars and game shops. Pubs are 

an essential part of the British culture that everybody can enjoy with good 

friends. Yet, I would sometimes prefer to spend my Friday nights at a local 

game shop near the school. Where they would have different gaming events 

of my favourite TCG (Trading Card Game), and sometimes even tabletop 

games, like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and etc.

My second favourite places (if we disregard the pubs) are the movie theatres. 

While being here I went to three separate ones and each one was better than 

the other, so keep note. AMC, ODEON, and last but not least, HOME. Make 

sure you visit one of them, you’re sure to have a good time.

Meeting different people from all over the world, who have their own taste in 

music and food helps you to explore outside the local culture. On the other 

hand, it actually teaches you about a number of habits from many countries, 

so don’t hesitate and open your mind to new experiences. You can meet 

people like this in your residence or your homestay, because most of them 

host for different schools too.


To summarize, I can say that my stay in Manchester was better than I 

expected. I could feel that everybody that I met, both in and outside the 

school, was trying to do their best to give me the opportunity to enjoy my time 

to the fullest. So, if you decide to come and study here, you can rely on the 

school staff. They will try to solve your problem, whatever it is, as best and as 

fast as they possibly can. I hope I can come back soon to continue from 

where I left off and explore even more, the city, the country, and maybe even 

the continent.

by Ronald Costa

Posted on January 18, 2016


Clare Sargeant
over 4 years ago

Ronald thank you so much for your kind and detailed comments. We are delighted that you had such a positive experience at Manchester Academy of English. I am pleased you have good memories of Manchester to take away with you.Your English is excellent. I will make sure our staff are made aware of your feedback. Thank you.

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Good (74)

the staff are helpful and social mingiling is good being to go around the campus and was a time overall

reviewed on April 23, 2014