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Getting the best out of studying abroad – insights from a student in London Part 3

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Engaging in student life is key to your academic success, especially utilising wider facilities available to you. We’ve explored this in our earlier blogs and now we will explore engaging in the wider industry of your chosen studies and future profession.

Students may have a rigorous timetable and plenty of assignments due during the academic year, however, looking further afield for academic talks, events, panel discussions and workshops is an ideal way of growing your knowledge of current industry happenings. This is especially true if you are studying subjects that are constantly evolving and developing in the modern world. This can include everything from advances in medicine, digital and technology, crime and investigation, business and economics to name but a few.

Sourcing great events

One of the best things about studying in a city like London is the sheer volume of opportunity to engage with the many events that are on. There can often be numerous events or talks to attend per month that are relevant so it’s a case of selecting the ones you feel will benefit your studies the most. The other great advantage is that most of the events are free to attend and if there is a ticket price to pay, it is usually nominal. 

Events, talks and lectures are held at a variety of locations in London and offer the opportunity to explore areas that are not always open to the public. These engagements offer great networking with peers and those organisations and institutions giving the talks. If they are held in the evening there will usually be some refreshments where people are encouraged to mingle with each other.

Cutting edge subject matter

The topics discussed and material presented are cutting edge and current which can often be omitted from formal university lectures so keeping abreast of key topics is instrumental for personal development, input to your academic work and personal stimulation. I’ve attended numerous talks during my academic year and found I learned so much more about the wider world and industry which I could input into my work with authority and proper research.

My highlights

Real highlights were attending Kings College for an evening talk by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory which was wildly more informative than I had imagined and gained me some key contacts. The Museum of London also host impressive panel discussions and workshops which make for a great, fun evening. Attending a cyber security talk at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster was the pinnacle of the year as the backdrop of these incredible and historic building added so much to the evening. There were many people from the industry there including key employees from IBM, the legal world and the political world. Attending events like these make you feel part of the world you will soon be joining and provide you with motivation to succeed in your field of study.

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Here are some of my recommendations of where to source great events in London:


This is where you can search for events by location so can be very useful if you are also thinking of travelling to any other UK city. I search by my field of interest and location and then select events I am interested in – booking is really easy and there are many free events.

University websites – keep a look out at other university websites for their events as they are usually open to the public.

Guildhall Library – a hidden gem of London and always great for an evening talk or lecture:

Francis Crick Institute – this brand new building in London’s trendy Kings Cross is an exciting place of biomedical research which often hosts events open to the public. Worthwhile checking out:

Search for other specific to your interest sites that will enable you to discover quality events, enjoy your time in London!

Posted on July 9, 2017


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