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Education Representatives in Italy

Many universities and language schools use their local representatives or agencies to help students find out more about their courses and application process. These agencies in Italy can help you decide where and how to study abroad.

There aren't any representatives here yet.

Students from Italy Review Their Courses

OK (50)

Thos experience is beautiful. I met a lot of people that they are from in Spain or France. However you have to cook the Irish breakfast f...

  • 87447614-ad1c-47d4-ab70-9ab319ec48b0
reviewed on July 23, 2018
Good (81)

I'm very happy to chose this school because in few time it helped me to speak English a little bit.

reviewed on January 6, 2016
Awesome! (100)

I definitely recommend you an experience at Cork English Collage. I would also like to show my appreciation for the teachers I was pleas...

reviewed on August 10, 2018
Awesome! (96)

My experience here was fantastic, my English speaking and listening improved very much and generally my English level improved a lot. The...

Lorenzo Di Muzio
reviewed on January 26, 2016

Upcoming Events in Italy

Universities visit cities around the world to meet students interested in studying abroad. These events are a great way to learn more and have your questions answered. Find out when universities are coming to you!

There aren't any events here yet.
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Language Schools

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