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reviewed by Me on September 18, 2017

CELTA is intense. experience was mixed. The induction needs to be better, there was no tour at all of the language school, the first week is spent fumbling around looking for things. The facilities are okay, there are not enough printers, and the printers that are there are not up to the job of the excessive amount of printing and photocopying required. Some of the rooms are not equipped for teaching due to the building being old and listed. The city centre location is excellent. The school needs to keep closer eye on materials as, unfortunately, fellow students are selfish and do not return things, put things back where they are meant to go etc.

Teaching to real life foreign students is really good practice, trainees are delivering the free English classes that are ran in the afternoons. It is daunting at first but you get two weeks with different levels of ability you'll likely encounter after leaving before going out to real schools around the world. This was the best part of the course.

The main male tutor was a good laugh, investing a lot of time in the group and helped (whether happily or not) when frequently pestered by everyone with their various needy questions and requests. The range of female tutors is extremely mixed, from very laid back, friendly and approachable to extremely uptight, unapproachable, unhelpful, downright rude and cold. Obviously the latter not being very popular amongst my peers who, at the end of the day, have never taught a lesson before the CELTA began. Some slack should be cut and is the reason I have rated Teaching as 'not good' for this individual alone - she was that bad. They seriously need to monitor the way this individual is allowed to speak to ADULT trainees. She was condescending and repeatedly reminded the group that we were a weak group in very very poor attempts at humour which were NOT welcome during this very stresful and intense course. Approach this individual with caution as I was disgusted with some of her antics. It turns out I was not the only one who thought this.

All in all the experience was okay - I'm just glad I've done it and it's now over. It is an extremely intense, demanding course but it is just for four weeks at the end of the day. It's expensive and only commit to CELTA if you really want this as a career. You have to cancel all plans during the 4-weeks that is no exaggeration. Good luck.

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