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5 Things to Know About GoToStudy

Making the decision to study abroad can be momentous and a great leap forward for your personal development and career. GoToStudy was established to help students find and select the right courses for them in major academic regions and to ease the process

1. It’s Easy!! It really is, if you are thinking about studying abroad or have chosen a course abroad all you need to do is contact us and our consultancy is free. We’ve helped thousands of students on their journey with all kinds of queries so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – and remember it’s FREE!!

We’re available via social media:




Or simply email us via

2. We’re experts on universities in the whole of the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada and our website hosts THE most comprehensive guide to universities in each region – check out our site now!

3. Not only do we know universities but we know courses and our online database (which is free to access) holds the key to prestigious courses across the regions we offer expertise in – we showcase these and offer our expertise to anyone who contacts us.

4. We are impartial – our website hosts reviews of courses and universities from a huge range of international students who have studied abroad so you can make a good judgement call on each university. We accept new reviews all the time so do come back to our website to see our latest updates.

5. We’re active in the industry – we’re not just a website, we are a team of people behind GoToStudy and we regularly attend education fairs, meetings with top university personnel to discuss course content and promote the values of international students in the regions we advocate – all for you. We are student centric so whether your query is visa related or you want some good solid advice, we are here for you. Follow our social accounts for up-to-date information and inspiration.

Come and see what GoToStudy can do for you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Publicado em July 26, 2017


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Good hall experiences, good extra curricular opportunities, good overall support for anything you might need. Only problems this year hav...

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