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reviewed by Iamyifu on April 15, 2014

A garden like campus set in the backdrop of a quiet administrative city are part of the experience of studying at the ANU. As the premier (and only) federally established university in Australia, responsible for turning out the majority of Australian Nobel prize winners (among other prestigious academic achievements), there is a strong academic focus at this university, even though at an undergraduate level. The lecturers are very well rehearsed with the course materials that they teach, the campus is very well equipped and the content delivery systems are as modern as they are required to be. For the courses i have taken, there is nothing much that needs any improvement. Course requirements are very clear, lectures are recorded, tutorials well organised, academic support is very easy to reach. What is lacking is the half hearted attempts at university social events, and inadequate funding of clubs and societies that are the hallmark of some other universities. The residential halls and colleges are also not as integrated as they should be socially. The Union Court is mostly empty, and the student lounge, despite its lures of free breakfast fails, for some reason, to attract more students to the student unions. There are not nearly enough places to buy food so chances are you'll have to bring your own lunch or prepare for long queues.

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