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reviewed by Kasha on July 3, 2015
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I have learnt a lot from study life in Coventry, UK. Studying abroad does not provide you only education, it is a great opportunity for everyone to step out of the box and learn the different cultures in the class as Coventry University is an international university.

Also, I have joined some activities during I was studying there. I was a board of Coventry University Photo Club Society, which was a wonderful time. Also, I have attended Global Leaders Programme, which is a special programme of Coventry University only. I have gotten a lot of experiences from these 2 activities as well.

The over all was great. However, I would like to suggest all Thai students who are going to study abroad, please Do Not be shy to talk to foreigners, Do Not stay with Thai people ONLY! It would be a very great chance for you to make friends and connection with foreigner friends as they could be your contacts for your future work.

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I would like to thank you to P'Great for being very nice and kind to me. Thank you very much for giving me suggestions since the first day I has contacted you until today that I am going to do another masters in England.

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