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reviewed by Sarin on April 18, 2013

The course took about 80+ people per class. So it is quite difficult for teacher to interact with its students but the teaching and the courses are well prepared and i believe these teachers are ready for their student to participate in their class.

About the social students mostly are quite independent and not sharing personal life outside their classroom mainly because students are stick to their racially profile like Chinese stay with Chinese or Indian people stay with theirs friends. Only some classmate are enthusiasm themselves to interact with others however there are no real problem getting along and co-operate in some coursework.

About the campus literally the whole city is the campus because the building is scattered around the city and it takes about 5-10 mins walks to one another building which is quite short and easy walks even from city center it only take only 10 minutes to Marketing building.

Overall Coventry is a pleasant university to study even it might be difficult for those who needs time to fit in but in time you will find that this place is the right choice for you.

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