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reviewed by Ramzis6 on March 7, 2014

Hello community, I am Raimondas P. from Lithuania and this is my review about my experiance at uni and student life.

First of all, my first term was harsh but fun, got a bit of challanges besides university, but everything was alright till next term. Now I have financial problems and university can't help with anything, teachers are focused on their subject and don't really care if students even understand module.

Student career center does not provides any opportunity to find part time for first year students, who does not have work experiance at all.

On the other hand, I can't tell everything is sooo.... bad in here. I like how some teacher are good at their modules, they teaching in a kind of funny way and thats makes module more interesting. Also, social life is good in here, but as I live outside whole campus it makes it really bad. If ask me why you don't move into campus?, my answer will be: Did you saw rent prices here, its absurd... students who don't have work experiance in UK and no money and support from family this life is like hell.

All in all, if university could manage to help first year students, I beleve that more students could done course with better grade. After all people come to start a new life at universitys, not to survive 3-4 years at some kind of place without proper social and financial life.
Thank you for your attention, that was my experiance in University and I hope I will be heard. ^^

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