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BA (Hons) Interior Design @ De Montfort

reviewed on June 11, 2014

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X

I strongly believe this statement to be true, im beginning to see how University life is one is a very crutial stage in my life. I have thourughly enjoyed my university experience at De montfort.

De Montfort sits in the heart of Leicester in the middlands( UK ). It is a great location as it is rich in architectural history and yet also a vibrant place to live as a student. DMU is a 10 minute walk away from the town, so it is quite easy to get to places. Highcross is the towns beautiful shopping centre with all the top highstreet stores and resturants. They host a night for students called the studebt lock in which is a day where students get 20% off clothing stores in the Highcross shopping centre. The night us colourful with music and entertainment. A Night to experience!

The night life is great, freshers week which happens at the beginning of each academic year is a week full of events, parties and fuctions to get the new comers acquainted with one another and the other years.

There are societys that you can choose to be a member of.This is a great way of getting to know people with similar beliefs a d interests as you or even just to get to know people. I joined the African Caribbean Society and got the opportunity to meet the Jessie Jackson who gave an inspirational speech about the benefits of education. They held functions and events that help bring students from all walks of life to socialise together. I also joined the stepping society which was a fun experience. Stepping is a type of dance that uses sounds made frim stomping and clapping. I have made so many friends from joining these societies and I have had so much fun.

I love my course. I study BA interior design and architecture and it has completely changed the way I look at design. The lecturers are great, they dont just teach they teach with passion and the want us as students to enjoy the course and do well. Every lecturers approach when teaching is different; some lecturers love to teach practically and some will prefer to teach visually. I enjoy coming in to uni because I am excited to learn the discipline in new ways.

There are amazing facilities for Interior design. We have a CAD (Computer Aided Design) room where we are taught to use the softwares for Interior design such as Vectorworks, Adobe programmes (Photoshop and Indesign) Auto cad and Cinema 4d. We have workshops for metal, wood, plastic, paint, glass and ceramics. We use these workshops for design development and final models. We have to be inducted before we use each workshop. Iti enjoy using the workshops. We are encouraged to be creative and explore working with different materials.

We have one to one sessions with our tutors for guidance with our projects which is extremely important as a student.

We have alot of accomodation for students at DMU. There is such a variety of accommodations to choose from. I chose to live in a studio flat which was very beautiful. I even decorated it too! I feel its important to make your living space homely and comfortable for you especially if you are living away from home. It is important that you find a place where you will be comfortable. I tend to cook and invite my friends over to eat which is nice seeing as I do not share a flat.

University life has been amazing. It has taught me so much. Im more confident with what I want to do with my BA in Interior Design and i am excited to work towards it. Its not my career path ive learnt about its been journey of as a young adult. I have learnt so much about myself and discovered alot about myself. I feel much more confident as I leave university soon because here at DMU I have been given a solid foundation to kick start my future.

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BA (Hons) Business and Management @ De Montfort

reviewed on February 10, 2014

the overall experience was good. the only problem we had was the city is pretty dead. there is just one happening club(republic). the assessment pattern is different from all other which i like the most about this university.

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