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BA (Hons) Fine Art @ Falmouth

reviewed on September 23, 2014

Falmouth was a great course, it really helped me build up my portfolio and my skills, I felt much more confident in what I could do by the time I left. I met some amazing people, I found that everyone was really friendly and it was an amazing year.

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BA (Hons) Animation & Visual Effects @ Falmouth

reviewed on March 5, 2014

Falmouth itself is a beautiful university. Animation is studied at Tremough; a campus which has only been there since 2004 and funded mostly through the European Union's regional development fund. As such, it is an elaborate mix of brand new, high class facilities and traditional oak paneled rooms back in Tremough Manor.

However, Animation has seen some extraordinarily poor lecturing. My first year here was excellent, but the fees raises in 2012 hit the course hard and our course manager departed. With his leaving the course did not actually have a full-time animation lecturer, and so character animation was no longer taught as part of the Animation course. [Gotostudy - a reference to an identifiable individual has been removed]. Technology lectures likewise stopped in Christmas of 2012, and now in my third year I have been recieving around two contact hours a week, which i consider unacceptable. The entirety of the current second year of the course signed a petition indicating that they were unhappy with the course, particularly the lecturers.

As of the time of writing we do now have a part time animation lecturer, however I would expect to see several full-time animation lecturers for the price that people pay for a degree nowadays. I did, after all, sign up for a a "Digital Animation" course. The course was renamed to "Animation and Visual Effects" in the run up to the change in leadership. The only lecturer on the course who has a teaching degree is our theory lecturer, who does to credit them have extremely good organisational skills. They have been very supportive throughout this degree.

The level of feedback has been atrocious; I only got my marks in first year by peering over the shoulder of a lecturer at a sheet with the course's marks written on it.

The social life has somewhat made up for this, the FXU has a vast amount of clubs and societies, which are constantly running quizzes and other events to keep the most lively student occupied.

However, the course itself has been absolutely atrocious and I would not reccommend studying animation at Falmouth to anyone else.

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