Icon-overall Overall: Good (70)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (71)
Icon-social Social: Good (86)
Icon-campus Campus: Awesome! (92)

MA Communication Design & the Creative Economy @ Kingston

reviewed on February 25, 2014

Overall positive. Good tutors and great campus. Course is multidisciplinary and varied but good enough to keep you very busy for a year.

The one downside is that I think there were too many students in class so the tutors were sometimes spread a bit thin.

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Icon-overall Overall: Not good (21)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Not good (43)
Icon-social Social: Terrible! (16)
Icon-campus Campus: Not good (26)

BA (Hons) English Literature @ Kingston

reviewed on February 10, 2014

I found Kingston University being a non-campus university was a complete hindrance to my social life. In first year we had halls in block buildings, 3 flats in one block and 4 people in one flat. I was lucky enough to have a really friendly flat, and my entire block were close friends but to my knowledge A LOT of people went the whole year with hardly interacting with the people in their flat or block.

The night life for this uni is terrible. There are 3 or 4 main clubs, 2 of which are really dodgy and are notorious for having fights, stabbings and other crimes. The other 2 are tiny and the music played is very limited, at 2am most of the clubs seem to turn to dubstep and it's not unusual to hear 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' theme tune several times throughout the night. Drinks are also really expensive at £3-4 for a single.

There are several Student Union bars for this University. The 'Space Bar' on the Main Campus isn't very well equipped but the drinks are fairly cheap and the bar staff are friendly. 'Knight's Park' Bar is much better equipped with games consoles and a nicer area by the river, but it's usually full of artsy indies who refuse to dance or socialize with anyone outside of their own grungey group. VERY Cliquey here.

My faculty was the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I found the teaching here wasn't very good. Of all of my lecturers in 3 years I've only found 2 of them particularly engaging, and one of them has left to work in a different university. What I have found on this course is that it doesn't really seem to make much difference if you go to the lectures or not. There isn't much guidance. There'll be one lecture on one book each week typically, and then midway through the term you start to decide what you'd like to do your essay on. There isn't usually work throughout the term, it all piles up at the end which I found very hard to cope with.

I also think this course is very poorly organized and there is a distinct lack of communication between the staff and students. In my third year myself and a lot of my coursemates still don't know how much each year is worth in terms of percentage towards our final grade, and we've asked several lecturers. It's often not clear when work is due in or how long it ought to be.

Generally my experience at this uni has been poor. I don't feel like there's much of a sense of community or association between the members of this uni and I will be choosing to go somewhere with a more diverse night-life and better teaching standards when I do my Masters.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (79)
Icon-teaching Teaching: OK (57)
Icon-social Social: Good (72)
Icon-campus Campus: OK (62)

BSc (Hons) Sustainable Development @ Kingston

reviewed on December 11, 2013

If you choose to go to Kingston, your university experience will be what you make of it. There are some amazing lecturers and guest lecturers who are passionate and knowledgeable, and very approachable, but these are mixed with lecturers who will put you to sleep. All in all, except for some seeming 'teacher's pet' incidents, marking is fair and there are many opportunities for extra help or advice.
Depending on who you meet in halls or class, you will make life-long friends. The Penryhn Road Campus could be much warmer and inviting atmospherically, but you can always go study at the newer Kingston Hill campus if you need that kind of fix.
There are numerous clubs, activities, and sport to take part in if that's your thing, and if you get tired of Kingston, central London is only a train/bus/cab ride away. Overall, my experience at Kingston has been great despite several ups and (frustrating) downs. That is definitely to the credit of the friends I've made here.

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