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reviewed by Alex.D.S.Alex on November 19, 2014

Coming to uni was always something I had wanted to do. I was really nervous coming to a new city and starting a course with new people. At first I felt a bit lost and it took me a while to get used to the new way of studying, however, something that has stood out for me the most in this experience is Leeds itself. Leeds is honestly one of the best cities I have been to! There is always something to do and quite frankly it is amazing! Going out gives something to do for everyone, no matter what they're into. It has introduced me to some amazing people - people that I will have as friends for life. My course in the first year was completely different to what I was used to coming straight from high school and it really threw me as it was more difficult to what I had ever experienced, but second year was so great! It actually interested me! It made me want to study! It was just so much fun to learn about. It opened my eyes to how fun learning could actually be. The campus is also fantastic, with one of the best unions in the country. I'm always in essentials and the Terrace Bar is great for a bite to eat! I just LOVE Leeds Uni :) I'm so happy I came!

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