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reviewed by Laurapescow on November 19, 2014

Studying at Leeds is so much fun, I cant ever imagine being at another university. Leeds has a large union with many interesting and societies and the opportunity to get involved in things you may have never thought you would. As member of the Leeds student radio, I have met new people, had new experiences and it looks great on a CV to potential employers.
In my opinion, Leeds have the best social and night life scene of any other university town. Whatever your taste in music is, there are clubs, gigs and bars to suit any taste in this large, lively, trendy city.
A slight criticism of Leeds is that you don't always feel safe at night but as long as you're street smart and ensure you don't walk alone at night and get cabs when it's late, you will be absolutely fine and not find yourself in trouble.
I am proud to be a part of one of the best business schools in the country. The teaching and support is mostly very strong, and I feel the education I am receiving will set me up well for my future. In addition, the Leeds business school is providing amazing support for me to find a job for my year in industry next year as they have strong connections with some of the world's largest companies.
All in all, I am absolutely loving my time at Leeds and can't recommend it enough to any students that are thinking about coming here!

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