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87fda517d90feaf0d19a31b1abc191d5 Jinksamm
MSc Marketing @ Leicester

It's not just a place to study but it's a place where we can exchage our culture and attitude. There are many activities to do in and out...

reviewed on June 26, 2015
Good (78)
Dd2bad06f5e57318cd69b031fc847f71 Ing.Cristhian
MSc Advanced Software Engineering @ Leicester

I am studying MSc Software Engineering in the University of Leicester. This experience has been so good to me because it is the first ti...

  • Dscn3009
reviewed on January 28, 2015

The University of Leicester was founded in the 1920s and has grown into a research intensive university. Recently, the University has climbed the league tables and now finds itself inside the Top 10 UK Universities according to the prestigious Times ranking.

Perhaps the most famous discovery at the University of Leicester was through its research into genetic fingerprinting which spawned Forensic Sciences among other useful technologies.


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Google Map - Leicester
City Leicester, UK
Established 1921
No. of Students 23,000

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