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B80276472739b1d0a2af303755a6a78e Willij46
BA (Hons) Marketing @ London South Bank

My course is very proactive there a lot of activities in the seminar and workshops, improvement of the social life for students could be ...

reviewed on March 21, 2014
Good (80)
4d6a92d303d9d440e489959423636d4b Burrowk2
BSc (Hons) Sociology @ London South Bank

Overall my university experience is positive so far, but I'm always hearing things about other universities that mine doesn't do. For exa...

  • Zombie_with_a_view
reviewed on March 18, 2014

After 100 years as a polytechnic, London South Bank was granted full university status. Thanks to this background in helping train students for future careers, LSBU's students have some of the highest starting salaries of any UK university. Located just south of the River Thames, it is hard to beat the campus location.


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Google Map - London South Bank
City London, UK
Established 1992
No. of Students 25000

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