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reviewed by Cleon.Tjugiato on October 15, 2014

Macquarie University has prepared me with the relevant knowledge and skills to help me progress in my career. The intensive classes designed for postgraduate students have developed my management skills particularly in balancing my time with friends and understanding the materials before coming to the lectures.

The strategic location of the university is very helpful with my life as a student. There are open space areas filled with green grass and sun light to help me study while enjoying the fresh air. The university has access to public transport such as a train stations and several bus stops located not far away. There is a shopping center and a gym which only require 10 minutes walk from my classes.

Also, my experience living in one of the uni accommodations, namely Robert Menzies College, has been one of the greatest experience I had while studying in Australia. I met a lot of new people from all over the world and I still become friends with many of them even after I graduated.

So if you would like to study in a 'green' place, make new friends and move away from the city life, come and study at Macquarie University :)

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