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reviewed by White 208 on October 25, 2014

When I first came to Australia, I told mom I want to go back home... I remembered that I was feeling lonely for one month. I don't even know anyone, and an atmosphere was completely difference. Then, my English course started; I met another international students who really new to Australia like me. We started talking, going excursion and catching up multicultural foods. Now, we are good friend. After that I realised I think this country is not that bad, people are very nice (Always say Thank you) and public transport is almost on-time. After finished English course, MQ uni starting; I decided to join some societies like Focus, Enconnect and MacSport club. At first, I join because I think it brings me an opportunity to know new people. I keep on going with social events. All of them are part of my Uni life. Most of my friends are from the society (Recommend!) We're always study in Lib or Muse, go to gym and hang out to explore Sydney. They make me feel like I'm alone anymore. However, I still feel fluctuated about balancing life. After first semester, I went to Focus camp, met new friends from UTS and had a fun time. I also decided to become a Christian. As someone tell me: "whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Joining society brings me a good friendship and a purposes of life. And, I realised that I'm so lucky coming Australia and studying at Macquarie Uni. :)

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