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Master of Commerce (Finance) @ MQ

reviewed on September 2, 2015

Everything is good. Teachers are very professional and have a lot of experience in the field. The resources are also up to date and school campus provides very comfortable environment to study.

I feel I want to study more. ;) I love my Uni

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International Business @ MQ

reviewed on February 17, 2015

I wouldn't say its perfect and I wouldn't say it terrible. As with any other universities, there are really good lecturers that care about your learning and well being and there is others that do not. I'm in the business course so there are lots of Chinese students (there is a better mix of students from other countries towards my last semester though). The most important thing you can get from studying overseas is networking. Learn how to communicate in different cultures and speak up. I know that many international students (especially from Asian countries) tend to just listen in class. However, you have to ask questions and learn as much as you can. Of course, you may meet some lecturers that could be very sarcastic in their remarks, but do not be afraid. You have the right to ask, so do it. Strive for true learning, and make friends.

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Bachelor of Business Administration @ MQ

reviewed on November 11, 2014

I studied Business Administration at MACQUARIE university. During the 3years of my study, i not only gained knowledge of business, but also extented my horizon by joining a diverse of student groups, such as "MODEL united nation" "FOCUS" and "debating society". I also had the chance to go to the USA as an exchange student, where i experienced a different approach of learning and teaching.

Overall, i would recommend MACQUARIE university.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (77)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (77)
Icon-social Social: Awesome! (94)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (80)

Bachelor of Education (Primary) @ MQ

reviewed on November 1, 2014

I studied a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Arts. Macquarie is well-known for it's early childhood and primary education programs, and that is with good reason. The teachers were all highly skilled and had not only served as primary school teachers, but had thoroughly researched things behind the scenes of teaching, including teaching strategies, psychology and attitudes. It was a well-rounded course, however it was difficult to be placed for practicum sometimes because a lot of schools won't take any prac students anymore. However, once placed, it was a valuable experience to be able to put what we had learned at university into action in a real primary school classroom. Some of the assignments we did were able to be used as lessons whilst on prac, so it was very useful to have our teacher's feedback on our lesson plans before actually giving the lesson to children.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a go at studying different areas of the creative arts, like singing units and dancing units, along with learning French for a few semesters. Learning these kind of things alongside the primary education elements of the course were really valuable. Not only did they give a creative release and give a break from only learning about being a teacher, but what I learned was actually useful when it came to writing detailed lesson plans for unusual subject areas. My experience of being taught in the creative arts was particularly useful for my primary education studies.

As a student living on campus at Robert Menzies College, I have really enjoyed the social side of being at university. Sometimes it's very full on living with a lot of people and having a lot of social interaction though, which can be tough. But it can also be really great to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends. I was also involved with the Christian Union group on campus, which was by far my highlight of studying at university, so I recommend getting involved in a student group that catches your interest, because you will make lifelong friends there! But being a uni with beautiful scenery it was also really nice to get away from people sometimes and find a little corner of the grassy area surrounding the beautiful lake and have some alone time, enjoying the sun and scenery.

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Icon-social Social: Good (81)
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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) @ MQ

reviewed on October 31, 2014

Life in university is second to none in my life. Why do I say that? Well, I can do various things that I want without stressing out to come early to the class every single morning. University classes are flexible, unlike your schedule in high school. You can put every of your classes in the night or any time you prefer. This give multiple benefits to anyone who are working part-time or full-time, as well as other such activities as religious, sport, and art. Students are required to engage in the class, with some of tutorial classes, the tutors do mark your participation. This avoid the class being muted.

Apart from studies, Macquarie University offers variety of activities from gymnastic class sessions, sport, game and art competitions, party, and charity. Prizes are available for those who win the competitions. Gymnastic class sessions are the best activities in the university experience. Why is that being the best where you have to waste energy, be sweating, and dying thereafter? Say, you join the RPM class as you would cycle in 80 km/hour. Honestly, once I heard that, I never want to join it, yet until now, I never join any classes. Then, why the heck can I say gymnastic class sessions are the best? I like to talk to people and among hundreds of my friends, they do all say same comments. Here is one of my friend, Aileen say: “Once, I join the Zumba class, I would never even miss it!” See, that was the feedback from one of my hundred friends.

However, one of the bad thing arises in university life is the failure to accomplish your degree on time. I do not intend to frighten you, but a lot of my friends have been facing this big issue. They became lazy or busy once reaching the final year while the penultimate year of your studies are all of 3rd year units and are the hardest units. It is predominant to study hard. For example, student A has got a new job in his final year and he is working 25 hours per week. Well, if you can manage your time carefully, that is alright. On the other hand, student B is just studying and at the end of their semester, USUALLY, student B would get higher marks than student A. Somehow, it is contradict to that, student A is fine in managing time so he is still able to accomplish with charming results.

Here are my tips for future students who come later, including overseas or native students. Please, manage your time carefully, you have to balance your social, study, and other activities time. You cannot cram all of those in one time. Say, you study before partying and that was happened with one of my Srilankan friend. He was always partying once a week or even twice, but he always studied in the morning. Eventually, he achieved his GPA with 3.25 out of 4.0. Also, join activities in university and get experiences before finishing your studies will give advantage to you as you will get additional points to enhance your knowledge and make your resume is much better looking.

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Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (81)
Icon-social Social: Good (79)
Icon-campus Campus: Awesome! (100)

Arts/Law Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws @ MQ

reviewed on October 30, 2014

I started at Macquarie in 2013. The first year was full of social events roping people into different clubs and aspects of uni life. I was blown away by Conception Day and the various festivals they held at the university - one of the major benefits of Macquarie is that it has it's own, large, private campus. Everybody is a student doing one course or another. Teachers were friendly and the course load was fair. I find that as you advance through the units, tutors become more serious and expect more from you. Really enjoy going to this university and would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good balance of social and academic life.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (80)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (83)
Icon-social Social: Awesome! (100)
Icon-campus Campus: Awesome! (95)

Bachelor of Science @ MQ

reviewed on October 26, 2014

There are a lot of choices of subjects in science and education which I enjoyed and which were very career-related. There are also a lot of social opportunities if you don't happen to make friends in your subjects. Student groups like the Christian Union and Fellowship of Overseas University Students have helped me to learn more about Jesus and make friends. The campus is very beautiful with lots of grass and trees, and easy to get to from the station. Some friends and I have occasionally found it hard to get academic advice, but I think normally it's pretty good.

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Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (76)
Icon-social Social: Good (85)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (79)

Bachelor of Science (Biomolecular Sciences) @ MQ

reviewed on October 25, 2014

When I first came to Australia, I told mom I want to go back home... I remembered that I was feeling lonely for one month. I don't even know anyone, and an atmosphere was completely difference. Then, my English course started; I met another international students who really new to Australia like me. We started talking, going excursion and catching up multicultural foods. Now, we are good friend. After that I realised I think this country is not that bad, people are very nice (Always say Thank you) and public transport is almost on-time. After finished English course, MQ uni starting; I decided to join some societies like Focus, Enconnect and MacSport club. At first, I join because I think it brings me an opportunity to know new people. I keep on going with social events. All of them are part of my Uni life. Most of my friends are from the society (Recommend!) We're always study in Lib or Muse, go to gym and hang out to explore Sydney. They make me feel like I'm alone anymore. However, I still feel fluctuated about balancing life. After first semester, I went to Focus camp, met new friends from UTS and had a fun time. I also decided to become a Christian. As someone tell me: "whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Joining society brings me a good friendship and a purposes of life. And, I realised that I'm so lucky coming Australia and studying at Macquarie Uni. :)

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Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences @ MQ

reviewed on October 19, 2014

I am in my second year of my degree (with one more year left), with a full time study load.

The lecturers and tutors in the Linguistic and Psychology department are great- they are passionate about their area of expertise and make the learning experience all the more interesting due to their passion. 30% of my degree actually comprises of electives, where I am allowed to choose whatever unit I want from any faculty. For example, some of the subjects I chose were Intermediate Chinese (where I was learning the language), Chinese Calligraphy, Ancient History, Brain Behaviour and Evolution, etc. After finishing my bachelor degree, I am hoping to study a masters of Audiology, which is offered also at Macquarie University; in fact, Macquarie is the only university that offers audiology in NSW. Furthermore, we have a new building called the 'Hearing Hub', Cochlea, and Macquarie University Private Hospital, on or next to the campus.

Macquarie University has many great societies on campus; I am a part of a few Christian societies (such as Christian Union and Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students - FOCUS) which have really made university life so fun and encouraging, and has allowed me to grow and learn so much. The people at Macquarie are generally very laid back and easy to approach!

Despite Macquarie not having any fine arts subjects, they still have art-related societies such as the Chalk Art society, Visual Art society and the Photography society which I am a part of, which allows me to still pursue my hobbies whilst studying.

The campus is great! The new library is nice, and the study areas are pretty good. Although I must say, the reception on campus is pretty bad; often resulting in having to use Facebook or Whatsapp through the university's wifi to contact people. But that's not really a big deal.

I also love that Macquarie University is surrounded by nature, which is something that most universities in Sydney lack. It is great just to chill outside on the grass and appreciate the beauty of nature. It is also approximately 7-15 minute walk to the train station and shopping centre (depending where you are on campus), which is really convenient.

Overall, my experience at Macquarie University has been awesome so far. I hope this is helpful!

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Master of Commerce (Business Management and Organisations) @ MQ

reviewed on October 15, 2014

Macquarie University has prepared me with the relevant knowledge and skills to help me progress in my career. The intensive classes designed for postgraduate students have developed my management skills particularly in balancing my time with friends and understanding the materials before coming to the lectures.

The strategic location of the university is very helpful with my life as a student. There are open space areas filled with green grass and sun light to help me study while enjoying the fresh air. The university has access to public transport such as a train stations and several bus stops located not far away. There is a shopping center and a gym which only require 10 minutes walk from my classes.

Also, my experience living in one of the uni accommodations, namely Robert Menzies College, has been one of the greatest experience I had while studying in Australia. I met a lot of new people from all over the world and I still become friends with many of them even after I graduated.

So if you would like to study in a 'green' place, make new friends and move away from the city life, come and study at Macquarie University :)

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