Icon-overall Overall: Good (80)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (76)
Icon-social Social: OK (50)
Icon-campus Campus: OK (62)

BSc (Hons) Sports Performance and Coaching @ Plymouth

reviewed on December 8, 2014

I have enjoyed it, the course is really interesting, challenging and has started to lead me on to other avenues of interest and has helped develop a better idea of the career path I want to go down. Something I never even could have have really imagined before I started the course.

The staff are very friendly and easy to approach and the teaching on the whole is very good.

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Icon-social Social: Not good (24)
Icon-campus Campus: OK (50)

BEd (Hons) Primary (Art and Design) @ Plymouth

reviewed on August 13, 2014

I felt there was no teaching, just brief guidance and a few lectures.
There were favourites amongst the class which didn't seem fair on the rest of the students.
I did two years elsewhere and studied my final year at plymouth and felt quite lost when I started.
Help was mentioned to settle in those starting their third year, but this was all talk.
I didn't always receive replies from emails to the teacher and help was not always at hand when needed.
There were over 60 students to a handful of tutors and one main teacher which I felt wasn't helpful at all and the classroom wasn't big enough to fit years 1, 2 and 3 so some third years were put in a different building which was quite ridiculous and impractical for students studying their most important year. Overall I really did not enjoy my year at plymouth and would not recommend studying there.

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Icon-overall Overall: OK (63)
Icon-teaching Teaching: OK (51)
Icon-social Social: Good (89)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (86)

BA (Hons) Marketing @ Plymouth

reviewed on June 26, 2014

Gret so far, course could be improved. We have a couple of really great & inspiring lecturers. Some others make some subjects boring and dull. There could be more support provided for business students in terms of extra-curricular activity.

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Icon-overall Overall: Awesome! (91)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (82)
Icon-social Social: Good (75)
Icon-campus Campus: Awesome! (92)

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology @ Plymouth

reviewed on April 21, 2014

I was very nervous about starting the course, making new friends and settling in to a new chapter in my life. But those worries were completely unfounded :) Although I haven't needed it, the range of support that is available is amazing, everything from a multi- faith chaplancy, support with studies and work stress to sexual health and foreign student integration. Lectures have been great fun and the range of methods used to assess the work not only gives everyone the chance to perform, its an awesome break from exam heavy A-Levels.

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Icon-overall Overall: OK (55)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Not good (30)
Icon-social Social: Awesome! (92)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (80)

BMBS Medicine @ Plymouth

reviewed on March 15, 2014

teaching is problem based learning, which is not for everyone. I realised it is not for me and a traditional course would have suited me better to study medicine. however, the teaching that we do get, although minimal is very rushed. The teaching facilities however, are good. We have life science room where we have anatomic models and real life models to practice our knowledge of anatomy. Our clinical skills teaching is however a good standard. We have this in the john bull building and there is lots of facilities and opportunities to go there in our spare time and practice clinical skills.

The social life in plymouth was perfect for a fresher although, it was not easy on the bank balance. A 3 week freshers had me broke but it would have worked out a lot more expensive had i been at a different university. the drink are very cheap and there is a great freshers program set up to help you mingle and have fun. They also arrange alcohol free nights as well for those of you who dont drink which is a lovely alternative.

The campus at plymouth has a 24 hour library which is perfect for when you have a deadline creeping up, although a warning is that there is a shortage of computers in the library so bring your laptop. Peninsula med school also has its own private library which is great if the main library is busy, and it is supplied full of all the med books you could ever need. so it saves on buying out on all the expensive medical textbooks.

Overall i have really enjoyed my time at peninsula in plymouth and i think it is well worth applying there if you would like to study medicine in a problem based learning style.

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Established 1992
No. of Students 32500
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Icon-social Social: Good (66)
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