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BSc Single Honours Psychology @ Roehampton

reviewed on June 3, 2014

Roehampton is a small campus university, about half an hour from waterloo station via train and ten minute walk.

Because Roehampton is a small university it doesn't have some of the facilities that larger universities have i.e a swimming pool, but being a smaller university does have advantages. There is a real community feel at Roehampton, your walk to the library will inevitably be slowed down by bumping into at least 3 people. It is easy to get involved with lots of projects the university has to offer, smaller ones such as the cider or harry potter society or more adventurous opportunities such as the ski trip and this year i am taking part in the first volunteering abroad trip to Uganda africa.

There are 2 gyms on campus, lots of sports teams and the very popular annual sports tour.

There is lots of on campus accommodation, and not just for first years. One facility which is very rare is on campus accommodation for continuing students. As well as this there is the opportunity to be a flat rep, this is when a 2nd or 3rd year student lives in a flat with freshers to "show them the ropes" of roehampton.

Roehampton is lacking in a good supermarket in walking distance, but buses make asda and nearby town Putney short trips.

There is a very active "Roehampton players" society, as well as 3rd row dance company for those that like performing. Both of these societies put on multiple shows throughout the year.

My course has been interesting and well organised. Although my class sizes are big it is easy to meet with tutors and there are organised one on one or small group tutorials every other week.

I have loved my time at Roehampton and I would thoroughly recommend it!

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BSc Biomedical Sciences @ Roehampton

reviewed on February 11, 2014

University of Roehampton has been a great experience! The teachers are personable, love what they do, and are always there to help with the course. The teachers have been very helpful with coursework, and really like students coming in during office hours. Most have even written their own textbooks and/or have also been published in other articles. The students here are very nice and are always inviting international students like me out. They are always wanting to do something outside the campus, giving international students the experience of London. The campus is beautiful and wide open. it is full of trees and other nature. The buildings are very old England-old. It is also very safe with a 24 hour security team. the library has most books, so there is no reason to have to buy most of the books for each class. Overall, this university has been very beneficial and a great time!

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City London, UK
Established 2004
No. of Students 9000
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