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MA Design; Communication Design @ Southampton

reviewed on June 21, 2015

I was 19 years old when I first came to UK, I was young, excited and enthusiastic. I told myself when I went back to Thailand that I wish to come back here again in order to learn, broaden my experience and make my family proud of me. 4 years later, after my BA, I succeed it, I was accepted to be student at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. Life wasn't easy in the first place for being postgraduate student. I raised my expectation and tried to be strict on myself. However, with a huge support from my family and new friends here, my world is expanded and it's worth coming here.
The day of arrival, I chose the day with the university meet and greet service. I was picked up at the airport and come by coach to the accommodation. This service brought me to meet my lovely friends from other faculties. I chose to stay in the University accommodation which is very convenient. My hall is in the city center, 5 minutes from the train station, opposite to the Seacity museum and gym included. My campus is in Winchester, it is only 15 minutes by train and 40 minutes by coach. If you stay at the university accommodation and study in Winchester, the university is also support the travel fee. Living in the halls, you might disturb at night from BA students but it doesn't really matter if your flatmates are nice and kind. My flatmates are gentle and considerate because we are all postgraduate student so we have spent sometimes going out together and keep calm when we are back in our own rooms.
Southampton is the city of universities and Titanic. I recommend the seafood market every Monday, sightseeing at the ocean village and visiting Southampton common for relaxing. Personally, I prefer eating dessert at Tooti's gelato bar for homemade waffle and ice-cream. The temperature in Southampton is not very cold as the north of UK but it is very windy and unpredictable rain. In summer, it is refreshing and some of my friends went to visit the isle of wight which is very near to the city.
I have learned a great many things from participating in my course; MA Communication Design. It was creative and challenging. I have a chance to join variety helpful workshops and express my skill in exhibition. The tutors let us discuss critically and encourage the students by interesting modern topics. Moreover, the course was cooperated with the design company in London, therefore, the students will have chance to get useful information from the designers very often. The other benefit of this university is English support tutorial. In my course, there will be the session for helping international students about writing dissertation or presentation. For me, I haven't taken the pre-sessional course, this session improved my English skill.
Almost a year, studying here taught me to grow up and be creative. Last 2 semester, I got the satisfied results and I will try to do my best in this semester. I am strongly believe that my experience and modified skill will be useful when I go back to work in Thailand. This opportunity is precious and memorable, it changed my world and gave me the profession.
As far as I concerned, I am proudly recommend University of Southampton to the future students. If you enjoy countryside, titanic, and windy, you are pleased welcome here. I wish you enjoy this review and get the helpful information.

If you have any further question, I am glad to help. Hope you get the right choice for your future !!

Cheers and good luck,
Naputsamohn Junpiban

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BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering @ Southampton

reviewed on May 18, 2015

The university campus is new and young rather than old and traditional. There are a few campuses, each one being fairly compact so it's usually easy to go between lectures unless you need to go to a different campus. For undergraduate engineering, you'd get very up-to-date equipment (computer, software, lab etc.) and I wouldn't expect anywhere able to offer much better. The city itself is not the biggest or best looking, but still plenty to enjoy. The social life is great in the university. Bars or shops for good budgeting student life and many societies in the university to join and to make friends. Also plenty of dining options wherever you're from: A street full of takeaways ranging from fish & chips to Chinese to Indian to kebab to peri peri chicken right outside the main campus. And the city is in good location to travel to nearby cities (Bournemouth, Portsmouth, London) and countryside (New Forest National Park, Isle of Wight). I had a great time there and if I was to choose to study university again I would definitely pick there again!

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Icon-teaching Teaching: Not good (43)
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Icon-campus Campus: Good (87)

MSc MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) @ Southampton

reviewed on May 23, 2014

Good campus. Heavy course. Labs at least 8 hours a week. Classes from 8-6 4 days a week. Lecturers can be quite boring sometimes. Nice campus. Perfect location. Near the city and not to far from the train station. Southampton common is nearby. Air is clean and fresh. Market comes to the campus every monday. Library is not open 24/7 tho. People are friendly and the bar sells decent beer.

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LLB (Hons) Laws @ Southampton

reviewed on May 2, 2014

I love my university life in Southampton for many reasons. The professors on my course are very approachable, and always ever willing to assist us when we have further queries. I love how everyone in my cohort are united and coherently linked together. I am definitely not looking forward to graduation. The friendships formed here would truly be a memorable one.

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PhD Computer Science @ Southampton

reviewed on February 28, 2014

I don't know about teaching here as I am a PhD student. Making friends with English people is not easy in most cities in the UK, not only here. However, people are generally kind in Southampton and the university is good.

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BA (Hons) Fine Art (Winchester School of Art) @ Southampton

reviewed on February 22, 2014

Hello everyone,
I am a 24 years old girl from a little country called Slovakia, I study in Czech republic and I am currently enjoying my stay in Winchester as an erasmus student at the Winchester school of Arts.

From the moment I set foot on the campus, I knew this is going to be great 5 months. I came here to learn as much as I can so that is why I chose the Fine Arts course. One of many great things about this school is, that choosing a pathway for the course, printmaking in my case, does not limit the student in accessing other studios. So if a painter decides to work on prints or make a sculpture, it's entirely possible, even encouraged. Encouraging is a good word to describe the school staff, they are all very helpful and kind and for me that was a big relief because I don't know anyone in Winchester, I came here alone, so to have that kind of supportive environment can be very helpful in time of settling in.

The course provides variety of interesting talks and lectures, some of them more formal that others. Talks from professional artist as well as the older students.

Not just the staff but also other students are very nice to newcomers and international students, there are many salons, shows and get-togethers throughout the year so nobody feels missed out.

I can't not mention the library, with many beautiful and very helpful publications, a great internet system for searching for books or magazines, and last but not least, the very helpful and nice library staff.

The approach to teaching and practicing art is very different to what I was used to,in a way that made me open up my mind to whole lot of new possibilities and ideas. And the fact that Winchester is the cutest city, with great historic heritage and beautiful architecture doesn't hurt either.

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MMus Music @ Southampton

reviewed on February 11, 2014

My name is Paul. I am from Thailand. I am studying music in The University of Southampton this year. My major instrument is electric guitar. Obviously, it is absolutely fantastic opportunity to study in UK. This opportunity is quite unique for me because I have met many new friends from around the world and my favorite guitarist named Guthrie Govan who has inspired me for many years. I had the wonderful time to meet him at the musical workshop in Southampton. He suggested me same as teaching to efficiently develop my performance. Thank you Andy Fisher the senior lecturer in jazz pop composition in the University of Southampton for this workshop. As the matter of fact, I am an oversea sea student, came from the long way to see English and international famous artists easier and there are so many of them in UK. Moreover, my guitar tutor name is Ramon Goose. I have learnt a lot from him because of his excellent teaching style. I always have dinner with him after the class, it is informally and useful chance to learn everything. However, I do not feel good with ensemble rooms because there are only low quality of gears such as amplifiers and drums. Students need to use more proper gears to develop their skills but it is still good that high quality of gears are provided for students' recitals. In addition, I am not typical Thai student because I always hang out with many nice international students. Meanwhile, other Thai students always stay together. In my opinion, I think there is no point to study aboard if people from the same country stay together all the time because they will never gain any new experiences and everybody can study in their countries with international modules anyway. I am always trying to seek opportunities to practice English language by playing music with English students which is the important part of my module, and learning cultures as much as I can. However, every student does not have to be studying in the same module to have some fun, we still can have a good time together by many events of the university such as club societies, charities. I am in the music live society. We have jam session every Sunday afternoon. Lastly, the weather is the only thing that makes me upset sometimes but I can say that I have had so much fun with people here. especially, my best friend Matt R Taylor, a computer science officer in The University of Southampton who makes me feel that I am home. I would like to enjoy with my life here as much as I can.

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MSc Knowledge and Information Sytems Management @ Southampton

reviewed on January 24, 2014

Southampton is a nice and quite city for study. The hall that I am currently in (Glen Eyre) are really close to the university, 15 minute walk. There are a lot of free time for study. some of the class are quite short as it is 4 hour long and only 3 week.

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BEng (Hons) Aeronautics & Astronautics @ Southampton

reviewed on November 27, 2013

I have studied in Southampton for 4 years and it has been amazing. There is a great nightlife but it is very much detached to university life which is quite laid back. My course has been tough to get to grips with but that is the nature of the course. Southampton is peaceful and quiet so provides perfect study atmosphere. However, it is not a proper city and most things close too early.

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MA English Language Teaching @ Southampton

reviewed on October 25, 2013

I did have one great year at Soton university. All of my experiences were amazing because of the enthusiastic staff, helpful teachers and lovely friends. What I learnt is not only the knowledge but also the 'skills of life'. Also the city is what I expected with a peaceful pace of life and picturesque views.

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