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BA (Int Hons) English @ St Andrews

reviewed on October 7, 2014

Really good course, heavy work load but you get a lot of teaching time from the department.

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BSc (Hons) Mathematics @ St Andrews

reviewed on May 19, 2014

I love St Andrews!! If you are someone who loves walks by the sea, assumes independence in your studies and has an acquired taste for diversity, then St Andrews is the perfect place for you.

To be honest, the first time I set foot in St Andrews, I did not like it that much. Especially, being a maths major where you only study in buildings that smell funny. But after awhile the place grows on you and you will soon realise that your university is not about the buildings. Unless of course you come to St Andrews for Psychology, Economics or Medicine, the sentence above obviously does not apply to you.

When you are a fresher in St Andrews, people would usually flood you with the multiple traditions you have to know about as an undergraduate, such as academic family, foam party. peer walk, may dip and not stepping on the PH (You'll understand when you get there). Did I mention we had fireworks at the beginning of term this year.... 600 th Anniversary Baby.

Assuming you are an international student like me who is either applying because Prince William graduated from here or because you are a golf fanatic (yes St Andrews is known as the birthplace of golf for western society), you must know a few things before you apply: 1) St Andrews is small. 3 streets make up the town centre. We do not have McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut, although we do have Dominoes and.. yea that's all. I can show you the whole town in about 2 hours or less. Our cinema is small, not an IMAX experience. There are about 2 places we go to party which are also small, not including the student union. 2) St Andrews is not a place where snobbish aristocrats go to. Most of the friends I have met are very down-to-earth and nice, especially the scottish people themselves, and in no way conscious about where you came from and who your father is. St Andrews is diverse and universal. Do not be surprised to meet someone from a place that you have not heard about. And there are a lot of Americans. 3) We are an educational institution. Although this trait might not be one that sticks out as distinctive from other educational institutions, it certainly was the one that made the difference for me. Initially, I found mathematics quite dull and dry, until of course I decided to contact my tutors and lecturers who have been nothing but helpful and inspiring. The academicians here are dedicated and inspired by curiosity. It is not peculiar to get tutors take the time to help you for more than an hour in a one-on-one session, at least it happened for me. 4) St Andrews is in Scotland. Which means, rain and wind, and more rain and wind, and more rain and wind, and then there is summer and spring. St Andrews weather can break your soul but if you are lucky enough, it will give you happiness. One of my most memorable moments is just walking by the coast by myself. It is in a way therapeutic. Nothing is better then a day out in the sun on the coast of St Andrews.

I know this is not really my experience but I hope this information helps you in deciding whether St Andrews is the right university for you.

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