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Awesome! (100)

Awesome! (100)

Awesome! (100)
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reviewed by Danielridley44 on February 19, 2014

Life at University is indeed challenging, as would be expected of a higher place of academic work. For such a quaint and small University St Marys far exceeds many expectations that have been placed upon it. I am very glad I choose this said University to be my desired place of study because ever aspect has been brilliant and I can say with truth and reliance that it shall continue to do so.
For not being a socialite unlike many University students. I still found there were many activities and hobbies that could occupy my free time, and the SU always provided fantastic opportunities that appeal to even the broadest of interests.

I would like to end on that St Marys, is not a well known University amongst others in the country, but this does not draw away from the friendly community and the high standard of academic excellence that accompanies such a fantastic work and play environment.

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