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BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering (Perth campus) @ UHI

reviewed on March 11, 2014

You know how you expect your first years of college to be? mostly from cheesy movies, well its exactly like that. The most fun you'll have is in the couple weeks starting your course. I made friends fast and that pretty much guaranteed that my 4 years here wouldn't be boring.

Its not all memorable, mind you, you wish you had the memory eraser thing from MIB, but its the mistakes you learn from. Come second year, you are swamped with work, "homework", which makes you wonder if you are still in school. By this time you see some people drop out. But you soldier on in a confusing haze of drunkenness and sheer laziness and apathy.

Third year and you are getting serious with college. Its fight or flight. The last two years that will decide between a menial job or a posh new car, house and bank balance.

Aircraft engineering at Perth UHI is unique because its still a town with it's peace and quiet. You learn the old fashioned way with professors that actually help you.

I am now in the final two month of the course and writing this I am sure i will miss my years here.

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