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Master of Counselling @ VU

reviewed on May 5, 2014

A positive of my experience at university is the fact all staff are welcoming, warm, helpful and approachable. Staff and helpers are very quick to help and they were very helpful.
However, there have been trouble with organising some things. There has been a bit of a problem with organisation though. There have been some hassles in relation to organisation, for example I have not received a first aid certificate in the past and when I enquired about it I never received a reply. In most cases these problems were sorted out fairly quickly, aside from some such as the certificate from a past course.

The social setting of the university is tremendous. All of the other students have been extremely friendly and welcoming, which has made the introduction to university stupendously pleasant. The social groups and activities run are a great chance to partake in activities, which relates to students interests and there are a variety of activities on offer for students. Partaking in activities and groups run through the university have introduced me to many new friends, who I now hang out with as well.

I have found the campus to be easily manageable and navigable. The facilities are stupendous as they are easily accessible, easily understandable and navigable. The staff and student helpers are keen to help all students with any problems they may encounter. The library, IT department, Co-Op, fitness centre and other facilities at the university are student focused and student friendly.

As a whole my university experience has been good. In all university has been an adventure to which I have found exciting and as though I belong, due to the overwhelming welcoming and helpful nature of staff and other students.

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