Icon-overall Overall: Awesome! (90)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Awesome! (92)
Icon-social Social: Awesome! (100)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (71)

MSc Management @ Warwick

reviewed on August 15, 2014

Excellent teaching and resources available to the students. Even though the fees were very high, the resources such as as access to journals, printing, and industry expertise was first class. The access to industry and industrial expertise was especially easy. We had CIO's and other persons from top companies, from deloitte to cisco, give guest lectures on a regular basis, and I even had the opportunity to intern at Jaguar Land Rover to complete my thesis. However, the courses could benefit from projects that were more integrated with the industry so that students could get a chance to get more project based industrial experience and also have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to improve their employability.

Even though the teaching was first, I would have to say that I learnt the most from socialising in and out of class with colleagues from many different parts of the world, from China and Thailand to Canada and Brazil.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (80)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (68)
Icon-social Social: Good (75)
Icon-campus Campus: Awesome! (92)

BSc (Hons) Economics @ Warwick

reviewed on June 10, 2014

Decent nights out in Leamington and Coventry. Great sports clubs. Teaching good, lots of cramming required though.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (72)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (86)
Icon-social Social: OK (64)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (67)

BA History @ Warwick

reviewed on April 29, 2014

Went to Rootes Accomodation as I heard it was the best to go to, the people were all really friendly, and everyone is up for going out. My course is great, has so many different international modules compared to other universities. Lecturers and tutors are great. Going out is average, night life is fairly limited depending on what your scene is. There are a few good clubs in Leamington Spa but quite far out for first years to get to. Campus itself is lovely as there are many restaurants and bars to go to.

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Icon-overall Overall: Good (87)
Icon-teaching Teaching: Good (84)
Icon-social Social: Good (82)
Icon-campus Campus: Good (85)

BA Theatre and Performance Studies @ Warwick

reviewed on April 11, 2014

I fell in love with the Warwick campus when I visited on an open day - it's a fantastic mixture of urban and rural, with several restaurants, bars, and a great club venue, but also loads of beautiful lakes and quiet nature spots to enjoy. I stayed in the cheapest accommodation in first year and wouldn't have changed a thing, as it was cosy, safe and the residential team were great. The only drawback of the campus is that it's a little out of the way of the closest towns (Leamington and Coventry) so living on-campus can feel a bit like living in a bubble, but once I moved away in second year I missed it loads! The facilities are fantastic too - there are three main learning hubs located across the campus that are spacious, well-equipped and facilitate a variety of ways of studying. There's also a learning centre in the closest town that is run by the university, which is great for off-campus students.
There are literally hundreds of societies that are on offer, which makes finding like-minded people really easy and a lot less intimidating. Though some of the bigger societies are a little daunting at first, they are run fairly and democratically according to standards set by the SU and there is a unified goal of making the most of university life. The sports societies are also really good, and have loads of resources and equipment that make it easy to pick up a hobby or improve an existing skill.
As for my course, I had high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed. The modules on offer are incredibly varied, and as a result I'm studying some fascinating topics that I previously never thought I would need or want to learn about. It took me a little while to get used to the learning style as it was so different to school and college - independent study is vital to keeping up with the course content, and tutors need to be viewed as facilitators of learning rather than teachers. But once I wrapped my head around this I found it easier to develop my own learning style that I could then hone through assessment feedback. As can be expected, the quality of the teaching varies across the department, and also massively depends on the way you learn information the best. For example, I'm a very practical learner and find hands on assessments that apply knowledge really useful, but find it difficult to extract information if I'm given too much at one time. For the most part though, tutors are really accommodating if you need any advice and can help you if you're struggling. My department in particular is also fantastic at providing careers opportunities such as workshops, talks, and networking events, which have proved invaluable so far.
Overall, I'm incredibly glad I chose Warwick as I've met some incredible people, and even though I've still got a year to go, I already have memories that will last me a lifetime. Starting to decide which career I want to pursue is scary, but there's a huge amount of support available from the university that I know will help me on my way.

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Established 1965
No. of Students 23,500
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