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Tuyệt vời! (100)

It was a very good experience! The lessons were useful, the teachers are really nice and kind.

Kinga Mánfai
được đánh giá vào Tháng Năm 23
Tốt (76)

scool is good. staff is friendli and helpful. my tipp: rubisch rubish shud be divided in alu/pet etc

george .baertsch
được đánh giá vào Tháng Năm 18
Tuyệt vời! (100)

I really spent great time at CEC and I found a lot of nice students from every part of the world. The teaching and the teachers is the be...

được đánh giá vào Tháng Năm 6
Tuyệt vời! (97)

Cork English College is an amazing school that have excellent teachers and lots of extra activities which are really useful to learn and ...

pamela abarca
được đánh giá vào Tháng Tư 24

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Making the decision to study abroad can be momentous and a great leap forward for your personal development and career. GoToStudy was established to help students find and select the right courses for them in major academic regions and to ease the process

1. It’s Easy!! It really is, if you are thinking about studying abroad or have chosen a course abroad all you need to do is contact us and our consultancy is free. We’ve helped thousands of students on their journey with all kinds of queries so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – and remember it’s FREE!!

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