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được đánh giá bởi Gem.92 vào Tháng Sáu 20, 2014

Overall, I had a good experience at Swansea University. The location of the university provides an ideal balance of tranquility with the beaches and amazing views, and an excellent social life with town a mere five minute drive away. The campus provided a good atmosphere for learning and the lecturers taught stimulating lectures. The university does, however, need to work on it's approach to mental health. I have suffered with depression throughout my studies and received little to no help during exam times and teaching times to accommodate my difficulties in concentration. I have been assessed by the mental health team and deemed to need assistance, but I have received none, with particular regard to needing extra time in exams and not getting it. The lecturers need to be more aware of mental health issues an be ready to tackle them.

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