Icon-overall 整体: 好 (66)
Icon-teaching 教学: 好 (68)
Icon-social 社交: 还行 (50)
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BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science @ Sunderland

reviewed on 五月 30, 2014

I've had a good experience so far, the course is interesting and the hands on labs are enjoyable, the teaching quality is good aswell. Campus is 2 minutes walk from pubs and the city centre which is ideal. The computers in the library are alright but occasionally throw a wobbler when you try to log on there have been occasions when the technology in the lecture hall wasn't working meaning lectures were cancelled, which is not ideal. Course socials are always an enjoyable experience and student venues offer cheap drinks which is brilliant!

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Icon-overall 整体: 非常好! (93)
Icon-teaching 教学: 非常好! (100)
Icon-social 社交: 好 (82)
Icon-campus 校园: 非常好! (95)

BA (Hons) Animation and Design @ Sunderland

reviewed on 三月 17, 2014

I've been studying at the University of Sunderland since September 2013. So far, my experience here has been amazing: The teachers are excellent and the classes are extremely interesting. The facilities are very well equipped and they have the resources necessary for us students to work freely and comfortably, trying as many mediums as we'd like (Something that I think is very important for the course that I study).
Even though everything works fine, our teachers are constantly asking for feedback and suggestions from the students in order to keep improving the learning experience.

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城市 Sunderland, UK
现有 1992
学生数 17000
好 (80)

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Icon-social 社交: 好 (66)
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